MathBB -- A MathML BBS

Project Description

MathBB is a MathML-enabled Bulletin Board System. It supports itex (a simple version of Latex) input, and shows the result with MathML. It is designed for web forums focusing on mathematic related discussion. An example forum is accessable at


a. The installation of MathBB is the same as installing phpBB2. Please see Install for detailed information to install phpBB2.

b. The web server (for example Apache HTTP server) used should be configured to support MIME format "application/xhtml+xml". For Apache2, you just need to make sure that "application/xhtml+xml" is on the MIME list in the file 'mime.types'. For some newest versions of apache2 (I use 2.0.53), this is the default setting, so you don't need to change anything.


a. Mozilla Firefox is recommended as the browser.

For IE user, a Mathplayer plugin is required

which can be downloaded at

b. For Windows User,
MathML fonts for mozilla is highly recommended to get beautiful math display.

If you have any problem with installing or using the system. Please email to